Personal effects, film and cameras may be imported temporarily free of duty. However, professional video equipment, tape recorders, radios, musical instruments and souvenirs from other countries may require a customs bond to ensure re-exportation. Baggage is normally inspected by customs officials on arrival and departure. Please strictly adhere to baggage […]

Customs and excise

The voltage is 240 volts, AC and plugs with three round or square pins. Adapters are available at hotel receptions. A small deposit is required as security when you borrow the adapter, which is refundable. While on safari, most hotels use generators which function only in the morning, and at […]

Common metrics and conversation

We would strongly recommend that tourists take out a temporary tourist membership of The Flying Doctors’ Society of Africa, if they are not already covered by their international insurance. In case of serious illness or injury, the Flying Doctors’ Society will provide emergency treatment and air transportation to the nearest […]


Medical services are fairly good in Nairobi and other major centers. If you require your own personal specialized medication, you should bring it with you on your trip. Medical treatment and hospital fees must be paid direct. Special travel insurance is recommended. Most hotels have a list of doctors, whose […]


There is no shortage of the more usual film throughout Kenya, although it can be expensive in some places. Visitors are advised to bring plenty of supplies, especially where specialist film is concerned. Please note that one may only get out of the vehicle at designated points during the game […]


Jan 01 New Year’s Day Friday before Easter Sunday Good Friday <Variable Holiday> Easter Sunday Day after Easter Sunday Easter Monday May 01 Labour Day Jun 01 Madaraka Day Oct 20 Mashujaa Day Dec 12 Jamhuri (Independence) Day Dec 25 Christmas Day Dec 26 Boxing Day

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Kenya has a lot to offer and many items can be bought, either for personal use or as souvenirs and gifts. Some items of special interest include tea, coffee, wood carvings, traditional African woven cloths, hand-woven carpets and mats, baskets, leather goods, gems and gemstone jewellery, batik artwork, and traditional […]


Most of Kenya is now networked by automatic telephone exchanges provided by Telkom Kenya, with public telephone exchanges in even the most remote places. Some rural areas, however, still have manual exchanges. To make a call in such areas, dial the exchange code and wait for the operator, then state […]


In Kenya, there is a custom of giving tips for good service. A tip is an indication of appreciation on the part of the customer for the services given and should only be given when the service was up to expectations, and is paid after all the services have been […]