Most of Kenya is now networked by automatic telephone exchanges provided by Telkom Kenya, with public telephone exchanges in even the most remote places. Some rural areas, however, still have manual exchanges. To make a call in such areas, dial the exchange code and wait for the operator, then state the desired telephone number.

Cellular phone coverage is provided by Airtel Kenya Ltd. and Safaricom Ltd. Most of the major towns in Kenya are covered. International roaming on your cellular phone is also possible in Kenya.

When calling international to Kenya, dial +254 followed by the area code prefix (the first 0 in the area code should not be dialed) and then the local number. For calls from Kenya, the international access code is 000. When calling within Kenya, dial the area code, including the 0, and then the local number. The area code for Nairobi is 020. Kenya area codes and other country codes can be found in Kenyan telephone directories.

Most of the hotels have either a conventional telephone or a satellite phone and it is possible to make international calls from almost anywhere in Kenya. Major towns also have business centers offering email and Internet access