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This is the country’s public gallery containing some beautiful drawings and some very amateur art, as well as a collection of ethnography—weapons, musical instruments and domestic artifacts from allover Kenya. The first floor houses a collection of photographs of President Moi’s early history and some Mau detention camp photos. Cost: […]

National Archives

Visit the Carnivore Restaurant for Lunch or Dinner. The Carnivore restaurant is the ultimate ‘Beast of a Feast’  A variety of  meat including ostrich, crocodile and camel is roasted over charcoal and carved at your table. Delicious side dishes and an exceptional array of sauces complement this fixed price feast […]

Carnivore Restaurant

This tour will take approximately 4 hours and will take you through the major statues and streets which include: National Archives, Kenyatta International Conference Center, Parliament Buildings, High Court Buildings, Jomo Kenyatta;s Mausoleum, War Memorial Statues, Macmillan Library, Galton Fenzi Statue, Uhuru Park, Nyayo Statue and August 7th Memorial Park. […]

Nairobi Walking City Tour

The Giraffe Center, run by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife, is a sanctuary for the rare Rothschild giraffe. It was established in order to protect the endangered Rothschild giraffe, that is found only in the grasslands of East Africa. Here you can observe, hand-feed or even kiss the giraffes […]

Giraffe Center

A museum containing the Leakey family discoveries at Tanzania’s Olduvai Gorge and Koobi Fora in northern Kenya. Also a range of weapons, ornaments and headdresses of various Kenyan tribes—a good introduction to the country and its peoples. Within the museum grounds is a snake park with live East African snakes: […]

National Museum of Kenya

Established in 1971 to preserve and display the steam locomotives and rolling stock of the then East African Railways, the museum has an eclectic collection of memorabilia from the history of the Uganda railway, from its infamous beginnings, when numerous workers perished at the jaws of the man-eating lions of […]

Railway Museum

The Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage is an orphanage for Elephant Calves and Rhinos from all over Kenya and was founded and still managed by Daphne Sheldrick, the widow of one of Kenya’s best known Game Wardens David Sheldrick. Today, the Sheldrick orphanage is a focal point for Elephant Conservation. Elephant calves […]

Dalphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

Visit The Animal orphanage located at the entrance of Nairobi National Park and is home to orphaned wild animals. Then visit to the Daphne Sheldrick’s elephant orphanage to see the rehabilitation works of orphaned baby elephants. These are later returned to the wild when they can fend for themselves. Cost […]

Animal orphanage

Visit Nairobi National Park which is a unique ecosystem by being the only protected area in the world close to a capital city. The park is located only 7 km from Nairobi city center. Major wildlife attractions are the Black rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, buffaloes, Giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, elands […]

Nairobi National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park lies to the south of Lake Naivasha in Kenya, North West of Nairobi.  The park which is mainly comprised of savannah ecosystem habours a wide variety of wildlife. There are over 100 species of birds in the park, including vultures, Verreaux’s Eagles, augur buzzard, and swifts. […]

Hell’s Gate National Park/ Lake Naivasha day trip